volunteering%20is%20a%20work%20of%20heartMES PTA volunteers play a critical role in making our PTA programs and events successful. Volunteers can choose from a variety of in-school or at-home activities to help us reach our goals.

If you are interested in being part of the MES PTA Volunteer Program, you must submit an online KeepNTrack application program before any volunteer help may be given.


Remember…EVERYONE must sign in to the KeepNTrack COMPUTER CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT SYSTEM in the office! Please be sure to bring a picture ID to log in. ALL visitors/volunteers MUST log in and wear a name tag while in school. Thanks for your cooperation!

The system automatically logs your in-school volunteer hours.  When leaving the school, don’t forget to log out of KeepNTrack. All at-home hours need to be logged manually using the Volunteer Hours form (download & print). Please return this form to the MES Office throughout the year to help us track all volunteer hours.

We truly appreciate our volunteers!


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