Reading Incentive

DreamBig logoThe goal of our MES PTA Reading Incentive Program is to encourage all children to become successful readers! While this program is optional, we hope that you will help your child participate by setting aside daily reading time.

Please initial and date the READING LOG provided and when your child has completed 20 days of reading and return it to your child’s teacher.

Each quarter that your child completes and turns in a reading log, they will be rewarded with special incentives from sponsors in our community.

Reading logs and RIP Parent Information letter will be sent home in your child’s Tuesday folder. Incentives will be distributed to your child approximately 1 week after the due date/collection of reading logs from the teachers. Specific due dates for each school year are in the RIP Parent Information Letter.

Quarterly 2017-2018 Reading log due dates :

1st quarter logs – November TBD 3rd quarter logs – March TBD
2nd quarter logs – January TBD 4th quarter logs – May/June TBD

Our Summer Reading Incentive encourages students to keep reading over the summer break to maintain their skills and enjoy some great books during the break from academics.

Click here for Summer Reading Log.


By supporting daily reading at home, children will:

  • Become better readers
  • Become more informed
  • Become more successful in school

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