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Our By Laws require us to hold 3 General Membership Meetings. These meetings will be held at the following times with the listed agendas:

1st General Meeting (Coincides with Welcome Back Event; Agenda: Vote to approve budget)

2nd General Meeting (Coincides with winter concert; Agenda: Upcoming Events, Budget review)
3rd General Meeting (Coincides with Spring Concerts: Agenda: Elections for Executive Board positions)

Staff, parents and children are encouraged and invited to our General Membership Meetings. These meetings are an opportunity to learn about upcoming events and ask questions about our activities. All PTA members may vote.

PTA Executive Board Meetings will be held the 1st Wednesday day of every month in MES Library, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted).

Tues, Sep 12
Wed, Oct 11
Wed, Nov 8
Mon, Dec 11
Wed, Jan 10
Mon, Feb 5
Wed, Mar 14
Wed, Apr 11
Wed, May 9
Mon, Jun 4

  • These meetings enable the board to discuss the planning and preparations for upcoming events and activities.
  • Parents, staff, and students are invited to attend, however, only board members may vote at Executive board meetings.



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