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BOOSTERTHON 2017-2018!

We had such an incredible response to our Boosterthon last year and our Mustang students had so much fun participating that we plan to do another one this year! Thank you to all who helped lead us to success with the Boosterthon Fun Run to raise funds to support our kids! Click THIS LINK to Sign Up to ENTER ALL PLEDGES!.

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Catalog Fundraisers (If needed)


A catalog fundraiser may be necessary to ensure we meet our proposed budget. In recent years we have done a Yankee Candle and Mixed Bag Catalog fundraisers.


Want to send a special message to your child or child’s teacher? Does your child want to send a special message to a friend or sibling? Your special message will be delivered along with a seasonal pencil! Why not send a SPECIAL “MUSTANG GRAM” and let that special someone know how you feel!

There may also be a Spring Fundraiser depending on the success of our fall fundraising and our Free Money Programs.

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